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AIMS can also guide you if you are not looking at setting up offices or placing your representatives but you are trying to collaborate with some like minded organizations abroad and within your own country to apply for joint funding or to work with them as implementing partners  Read More

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Disaster Management and Contingency Planning Contents This unique simulation exercise will put the participants in a disaster situation, take them out of the comfort zone to open grounds and fields.It focuses on covering the following First reactions Activating the Communication  Read More

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officially known as Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, are an intergovernmental set of aspiration Goals with 169 targets. The Goals are contained in paragraph 54 United… Read More

project-management222New to a sector and yet want to give an awesome impression and a great impact .We have our Project Management services for you that include everything from Needs Assessments to baselines survey and Project design, management, implementation and evaluation. We have it all figured out!

proposal-writing222If you are wondering why your proposals are not getting approved or the countdown has begun on your current projects, this service is right for you. With a team of international subject matter experts we have an exhaustive lists of topics that we have worked on.

To_register_with_usTechnical specialists with a strong track record in international development should send your current CV at . carrers@aims-intl.org

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AIMS International is international consulting firm, working with organizations across the world to make thoughtful adjustments & modifications to processes and ultimately societies. With a multidisciplinary team of analysts, trainers, consultants, proposal writers, monitoring and evaluation experts and researchers; we have the expertise in delivering projects across South Asia in the fields of Education, Health, Gender Equality , Capacity building, WASH, and Agricultural interventions to name a few. We are a principled, fast-paced and dynamic organization dedicated to representation of the local communities we work in.

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directorWe as a global society are facing a lot of development challenges today, but our understanding of its intricacies continues to grow with the passage of time. At AIMS International we are looking to assist the organizations on the ground and the donors to help achieve their goals. We aim to reinvent ourselves and redesign the processes to make things simpler and easier for you and are looking to indulge in a mutually beneficial relationship with you. I am sure that we can assist you by our flexible approach and unmatched skills.

Welcome to the family of AIMS International!

Asim Hamid (Managing Director)

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