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Some other Activities Include

Opening up a Office Abroad
If you are a national NGO and are looking to expand your operations to other countries AIMS International is the right stop for you. Below is the list of countries that we can cover

Registrations and work authorizations
If you are looking to register your work with the relevant governments with in South Asia or get in the development networks to stay updated AIMS International is the right place to begin.

International Representation
AIMS Team can guide you if you are not looking at setting up a physical office setup but still considering placing an internal representative in a country other than your country of origin or in a geographical area other than your area of origin within your country.

AIMS can also guide you if you are not looking at setting up offices or placing your representatives but you are trying to collaborate with some like minded organizations abroad and within your own country to apply for joint funding or to work with them as implementing partners and vice versa